About Us

Our History

Set up in 1948, Trivi is an Italian food industry leader, specialized in the manufacturing of a full range of machinery and equipment for the production of puff pastry, croissants, pizza, breadsticks, bread, flatbread and cakes, whether baked, frozen or pre-baked frozen products.

Trivi production range includes automated proofers and cooling cells, pan handling systems, automated pan storage units, automated unloaders, proofing and cooling spiral towers.

Know how

Trivi specialized manufacturing draws upon the company’s thorough knowledge of all the system components in food industry, from mechanical component design to bespoke management software for unique applications, thus allowing us to manufacture custom machinery and equipment to meet any customer requirements.

Relying on the new test laboratory, managed by a technological expert, Trivi is the ideal partner for customers who seek to develop the perfect recipe for any products they wish to create.

Trivi Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Department can develop bespoke solutions to meet any customer requirements. Our designers do not only deal with full system development but also supervise installation and final commissioning on the customer’s premises.

The Product Engineering Department ensures in-company manufacturing for all system components, which guarantees quality, prompt delivery and safety for all product solutions.