Excellence, quality, innovation, simplicity: every project is based on solid pillars that make the difference


Made in Italy
We represent Made in Italy with the passion and skills that make our customers' products special

R&D laboratory
We provide a team of highly qualified technologists to develop and customize products

Specialists in Turn Key Projects
We provide customized systems to transform an idea into a product of excellence in all phases of the process


Quality control
Each system leaves our plants only after being subjected to careful controls and ready to be installed

Stress Free Technology
We give shape to the dough without creating tension, respecting the characteristics of the ingredients

Product repeatability
We combine artisan know-how with the quality consistency of industrial production


Flexibility, time reduction, space utilization: we rely on robotic units for the most critical processing steps

Seamless control software
We integrate plants with the main industrial electronics platforms for a unique and intuitive control system

IoT / Industry 4.0
Sensorization, data collection and storage on Cloud: our plants are under real-time and remote control


Format Changeover
Our changeover kits are designed with a tool-less approach to simplify the transition to the new product

Hygienic Design
To comply with the most advanced hygiene standards required in the food industry, our lines are based on hygienic design principles

Our lines are modular and can be expanded at any time, to accommodate product growth, thus facilitating the addition of new components