About Us


We have always combined tradition, passion and innovation, giving shape to the ideas and products that are part of our daily lives
Our history

Set up in 1948, Trivi is an Italian food industry leader, specialized in the manufacturing of a full range of machinery and equipment for the production of puff pastry, croissants, pizza, breadsticks, bread, flatbread and cakes, whether baked, frozen or pre-baked frozen products

Trivi production range includes automated proofers and cooling cells, pan handling systems, automated pan storage units, automated unloaders, proofing and cooling spiral towers

Trivi Today

We have developed the knowledge and the Italian creativity in the art of bakery in more than 1500 high performance industrial plants, contributing by spreading all over the world the quality of Italian food

We develop customize solutions for every request, thanks to a team of specialists who deal with every phase of the project, from the creation of the system to the installation and testing

Our numbers

R&D Laboratory
1.000 sqm on a total of 25.000 sqm on which our 5 production units are developed

Production capacity
500 to 3.500 kg/h ranging from semiautomatic lines to large-sized integrated installations, designed and manufactured with the same DNA

Croissants: facts and figures
+2 million pcs/h croissants produced by our customers hourly, ready for baking or freezing